All Three 'Touch Detective' Games Are Out Now On Switch

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Yes you heard, three

Do you remember the Touch Detective games on Nintendo DS? Well, chances are you were probably only familiar with the first two titles, since the third, released in 2014 for the 3DS in Japan, never made it to the West.

That changes now, as Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files is available right this moment on the Switch eShop for £35.99 / $39.99. It contains all three games along with two bonus cases starring Funghi and a comprehensive gallery looking back on the franchise to date.

The original games weren't particularly critical darlings by any means, but they were certainly interesting nevertheless, making abundant use of the DS/3DS's touch screen for its point-and-click mechanics. It stood out thanks to its quirky visuals and likeable cast of characters.

Let's check out the key features:

- Enjoy Touch Detective 3, fully localized in English for the first time
- Play through the complete series, including Touch Detective and Touch Detective 2½ with improved localization (and more hints!)
- Use the touch screen or standard controls to explore the town and examine clues
Help Mackenzie to complete her Touch Lists and Investigation Reports in all three games
- Meet colorful and eccentric characters like the bubble-headed daydreamer Penelope, the self-proclaimed “super sleuth” Chloe, the genius inventor Cromwell and many more
- Try bonus scenarios: Funghi Breaks Out! and Funghi: The Interviews
- View over 500 digital materials from the Touch Detective series, including concept art, sketches, character art and even localized comic strips
- Listen to all the music from all three Touch Detective games via the Jukeboxes

Are you looking to revisit these DS games on the Nintendo Switch? Have you actually played the third entry at all? Let us know with a comment.

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