All Roblox The Classic Toilet Tower Defense Tix locations

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Here’s a really quick list of the Tix locations in Toilet Tower Defense for the Roblox The Classic event happening in the last week of May 2024.

We’ll add clear images and all that good stuff once we’ve found every Tix in the 15 games making up this year’s event.

All Toilet Tower Defense Tix locations

Tix #1

At the top of the Clock Portal arch.

Tix #2

In the little cave between the first and second Toilet Lab lobby portals.

Tix #3

On the right side of a box to the right of the Post Office building entrance.

Tix #4

In the bottom-left corner of the leaderboard.

Tix #5

On the right side of the stairs as you head toward Toilet Fortress portals.

Tix #6

The sail of a little boat on the right side of the lava right before the Toilet Fortress portals.

Tix #7

On your right as you leave the spawn to head toward Toilet Fortress. It’s part of the VIP Rewards set.

Tix #8

Behind the street light near the AFK Farm portal.

Tix #9

On top of the skyscraper under the Palm Paradise lobby banner.

Tix #10

On a rock to the left of the Clock Portal.

For more guides to the Roblox The Classic event, click that link. We have the full list of participating experiences, as well as links to the Tix locations for each waiting for you to check out.

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