All Roblox The Classic Gunfight Arena Tix locations

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Here’s a speedy list of the Tix locations in Gufight Arena for the Roblox The Classic event happening across May 23–28 to make things easier to find.

We’ll add matching photos and all the rest as soon as we track down the Tix in all 15 games participating in this year’s event.

All Gunfight Arena Tix locations

You have to die in the Gunfight Arena training zone and use the top button of the menu to port into the Roblox The Classic hub to start finding Tix.

Tix spawn on any map within the Classic rotation, but they respawn (sometimes in slightly different locations) with each new round.

You can get all 10 in just two matches of the same map. For this, we used the popular King of the Hill map Happy Hood.

Here’s where to look in Happy Hood to find all 10 Gunfight Arena Tix:

Tix #1

On the King of the Hill/Happy Hood map, it’s by some of the rocks in the centre capture ring.

Tix #2

From the centre ring, head toward one of the tunnels (opposite the church) to see this one against the right wall of it.

Tix #3

Head right from Tix #2. Just after the building should be another Tix by a rock near a spawn.

Tix #4

There’s another Tix hugging the left side of a tunnel out of the map between two houses.

Tix #5

You should find a Tix leaning against a small tree just out of the centre of the King of the Hill/Happy Hood map.

Tix #6

Another Gunfight Arena Tix can be found atop one of the tunnels. Sneak around the right side and view it from the spawn to spot it.

Tix #7

Another can be found at the back of the first floor of one of the taller houses. Use the ladders inside to get up.

Tix #8

A Tix can sometimes be found in the closest front left corner of a single-storey house.

Tix #9

Another Tix can be found right as you climb ladders in a two-storey building.

For more guides to the Roblox The Classic event, click that link. We have the full list of participating experiences, as well as links to the Tix locations for each.

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