All Roblox The Classic Dragon Adventures Tix locations

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Here’s a simple to-do list of the Tix locations in Dragon Adventures for the Roblox The Classic event happening across May 23–28.

This one is quite a bit more relaxing than the rest. You just dart around the map in search of eggs in nests. Hatch them like any other to get the Tix within. But where do you start? Read on.

All Dragon Adventures Tix Eggs locations

Dragon Adventures uses Tix as new egg types. They often replace Classic Eggs found in the nests scattered around each biome. Classic Eggs will still spawn, however, so don’t expect every egg you come across to be a Tix Egg.

If you’re new to the game, just follow the quick tutorial. Once you hatch an egg in your home world, you’ll be free to head back to the open world to find Tix Eggs.

Tix #1 and #2

The first two Dragon Adventures Tix Eggs can sometimes replace the Classic Eggs found in the Origins area of the map.

Tix #3 and #4

The third and fourth Tix Eggs can sometimes be found in the Grasslands area of the map where Classic Eggs would otherwise be found.

Tix #5 and #6

The next to Tix Eggs in Dragon Adventures sometimes appear in place of Classic Eggs in the Jungle biome.

Tix #7 and #8

The penultimate duo of Dragon Adventures Tix Eggs have been found to replace Classic Eggs in nests in the Volcano area of the map.

Tix #9 and #10

For the final two Dragon Adventures Tix Eggs, you’ll need to head to the Tundra are of the map. They’ll sometimes spawn in place of the Classic Eggs found here.

Once you’ve found every Tix Egg (or maxed out your egg storage) take them back to your home world to incubate. You’ll get the Tix within once they hatch, earning each badge as a reward.

For more guides to the Roblox The Classic event, click that link. We have the full list of participating experiences, as well as links to the Tix locations for each.

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