All festive entertainment locations in Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks

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Yeah, there is something weird about this Pathfinder festival, but who cares? Time for some drinks! Here is where to find all festive entertainment locations in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks.

Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks: All festive entertainment locations

Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous Festival ObjectivesScreenshot: PC Invasion

The festive entertainment tasks for the “Have fun at the festival” objective will trigger once you arrive at Kenabres and step out of the Echo of Fury arena. The particular thing about this objective is that each of the activities will not appear in your journal unless you walk beside them. This is a great way to see how Kenabres has rebuilt itself and what entertainment it offers you, the Commander. Let’s take a look at each of the

Pathfinder Kenabres Festival Activities MapScreenshot: PC Invasion

Entertainment 1: Sample the drinks

Let’s start things off with a drink, shall we? Visit the bar on the north side of the square and you will be able to sample the drinks that the festival is offering. As you can see by the number of kegs, there is a lot for everyone, including you.

Entertainment 2: Throw a dart at the target

Move south and you will find a small target practice area where a competition is taking place. Interact with the prompt to be part of the darts competition and awe everyone by throwing a bullseye shot.

Entertainment 3: Hit the training dummy

Right next to Camellia, you will find a couple of training mannequins. While there is a party going around, some of us just want to have something inanimate to shoot and punch. Interact with the training mannequin to do just that.

Entertainment 4: Participate in the push-up contest

Walk up the street to the west of the map and you will meet a group of men waiting to participate in a push-up contest, also known as one entry in the dumb ways to die collection, at least in my book. Interact with the prompt and you will see how the rest of the men destroy you, just like in real life.

Entertainment 5: Demonstrate your skills as a musician

Finally, something that is right up my alley. Just next to the push-up contest, you will find a group of musicians who will invite you to join them. You will then pick up any of the musical instruments lying on the wall and will impress everyone with an air guitar rendition of Eruption by Van Halen. Too bad we can’t hear any.

And that’s all of the festive entertainment available at the Kenabres festival! Be sure to check on your companions to activate their respective personal events and gain some interactions that go from meaningful to ridiculous.

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