All Apex Legends players offered free Apex Packs following account issues

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Respawn is offering free Apex Packs to all Apex Legends players to compensate for recent issues with the game.

Last week, the studio apologised to Apex Legends players who have experienced account resets and lost progress after the studio “messed up” a recent update.

While it continues to work on restoring progress and content to affected accounts, the studio is now providing players with free Apex Packs, which contain cosmetic items or crafting currency.

“Thank you legends for your patience as we work through the data outage and the data recovery process,” Respawn said. “As a thank you for your understanding, we’re giving everyone 8 Apex Packs! Simply log in before April 24 at 10 am PT to see them in your account.”

These issues come at a difficult time for Respawn and its flagship game. Last month, the studio was hit with a round of layoffs as part of wider cuts at parent company Electronic Arts.

And days later, the North American finals of an Apex Legends tournament were postponed after hackers gave competitors cheats mid-game.

EA said last month that Apex Legends players can expect to start seeing the game “expand beyond the traditional battle royale universe” over the coming year as the company looks to attract more players to the five-year-old franchise.

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