Aliens: Ultimate Collector's Edition On 4K Blu-Ray Is Already Steeply Discounted

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Aliens might just be one of the greatest film sequels of all time, and if you're looking to revisit this landmark 1986 sci-fi action movie, Amazon and Walmart have the definitive edition of it in stock and on sale. Normally $40, you can get the ultimate collector's edition of Aliens for just $27.77 and enjoy the film in a sharp ultra high-definition format.

Aliens: Ultimate Edition -- $27.77 ($40)


It's worth mentioning that Amazon has a one- to two-month delivery window for Aliens. That said, you can also snag it at Walmart for the same price.

This was released last month, and like other 4K Blu-ray releases, you'll also get a copy of the film on standard Blu-ray and a digital streaming code. For special features, there's a lot on offer here. The film has additional commentary from director James Cameron, the cast, and the production crew to listen to, isolated scores to enjoy from Aliens composer James Horner, and additional scenes that didn't make the theatrical cut.

To see how the film was brought to life, the third disc has behind-the-scenes features detailing the creature effects, the superior firepower of the Colonial Marines, and much more. Aliens was first released in 1986, and while its predecessor set the bar for sci-fi terror, this sequel went in a different direction with its gung-ho action and expansion of the Alien mythos. There are still plenty of suspenseful scenes--like being cornered by a face-hugger eager to violate your personal space--but Aliens fuses those chilling moments with more thrilling scenes.

This isn't the only James Cameron movie to get a big 4K upgrade lately, as two of the director's other iconic films are available to order. True Lies, the spy movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is down from $40 to $25, and The Abyss is also available at Amazon. Cameron's groundbreaking underwater odyssey isn't on sale (yet) but it's still essential viewing if you're a fan of his work.

True Lies -- $25 ($40)

True LiesTrue Lies

The Abyss -- $40

The AbyssThe Abyss
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