9 Years After Release, Witcher 3 Fans Are Still Finding Easter Eggs

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There is a lot to do in The Witcher 3, CD Projekt’s Red’s open-world RPG that released in 2015.Many players, including me, spent hundreds of hours with protagonist Geralt exploring every corner of the map, completing every quest, and killing every monster. But it turns out that almost a decade later, The Witcher 3 still has secrets to uncover, the latest of which is an Easter egg hiding under the bustling city of Novigrad.

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Discovered by YouTuber xLetalis (and first reported by IGN) the latest Witcher 3 Easter egg involves glitching through the map. As demonstrated by xLetalis’s video ,the player must exploit a glitch that transports Geralt under the Novigrad map and into a small alley between buildings. In the alley is a piece of art reminiscent of recruitment posters showing a Temerian soldier pointing with text that reads “CDPR NEEDS YOU!” a reference to the oft-used shortening of The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 studio’s name.

A etching on a stone with a soldier pointing and a text box that reads "CDPR NEEDS YOU!"

The video points out that the Easter egg isn’t visible when exploring the world with an unlocked camera, only when the player exploits a specific glitch—though what exact glitch gets players to the Easter egg is unclear. xLetalis claims a viewer encountered the Easter egg by sprinting towards Dijkstra in the bath house office, but that he managed to trigger the glitch by using the “phase” console command and glitching through the walls directly above the Easter eggs location.

This isn’t the first time an Easter egg in the Witcher 3 has taken years to discover. In fact, xLetalis discovered an Easter egg from the Blood and Wine expansion in 2022 after quest designer Philipp Weber hinted at the existence of a secret surrounding the character, Vivienne. At the end of her quest, Geralt warns that her lifespan has been shortened to seven years. xLetalis used console commands to fast forward in-game seven years and found that Vivienne does die just as Geralt predicted.

The purpose of this latest uncovered Easter egg is unknown, although like most things hidden in games, it could just be a fun secret developers left for players to find down the line. Though the “CDPR NEEDS YOU!” message has xLetalis wondering if this was meant as some sort of actual recruitment for the developer—perhaps if you were able to find this poster, you’d be deemed worthy of a shot with the studio.

CDPR has hired modders in the past, namely the developers behind Wolvenkit, a modding tool for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, in 2021. When The Witcher 3 launched its next gen update in 2022, the game included a handful of fan-made mods (including realistic vaginas that have since been removed). An official mod editor is set to come to the Witcher 3 sometime this year, so we may see even more Easter eggs pop up in the future.

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