You can now pre-register for Genshin developer's Zenless Zone Zero

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It's due sometime in the first half of 2024

A glimpse at three of the colourful characters starring in Zenless Zone Zero. Image credit: miHoYo

Zenless Zone Zero is the next action-RPG from Genshin Impact developers HoYoverse. Where Genshin is all Zelda-style pastoral greens, Zenless is an urban fantasy. It's expected to release sometime in the first half of 2024, and you can now pre-register on all platforms.

Pre-registering doesn't entail much. Head to the official site (or follow a link on its Epic Store Page) and you can press a button to sign-up for a HoYoverse account, or sign-in with an existing one, and I guess express your interest in playing the game by doing so. ZZZ will be free-to-play when it launches.

Collectively, the number of pre-registered players will unlock in-game rewards for players, with the top reward requiring 40 million pre-registered players. Which sounds high, until you consider that at the time of writing there are already over 32 million.

  • Global pre-registrations above 15 million -- Dennies ×30,000
  • Global pre-registrations above 20 million -- Master Tape ×3
  • Global pre-registrations above 25 million -- Boopon [Coup-En] ×5
  • Global pre-registrations above 30 million -- Master Tape ×5
  • Global pre-registrations above 35 million -- Agent Corin ×1
  • Global pre-registrations above 40 million -- Master Tape ×12

I'm genuinely excited for Zenless Zone Zero, because I liked Genshin for the 15 hours I played it, and more of that flashy, multi-character action-RPG combat, this time with some Jet Set pizazz, seems like it would be a good time. My interest will rapidly dissipate, however, if ZZZ's main missions are gated behind an in-game currency as they were during a beta late last year. Genshin avoided such mobile monetisation strategies and I'm still hoping ZZZ will do the same.

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