Yes, the Next Madden on PS5, PS4 Is Called Madden NFL 25 Again

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Are you Madden, bro?

Yes, the Next Madden on PS5, PS4 Is Called Madden NFL 25 Again 1

You may recall when the PS4 launched, EA Sports marked the occasion with Madden NFL 25, a game which dropped the expected title of Madden NFL 14 in favour of a wholly different number all together. The idea was to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, which got its start all the way back in 1989. Of course, it also raised questions about what the publisher would do with 2024’s title.

Well, now we have the answer: it’s called Madden NFL 25. In a potentially malicious move designed to break video game website databases around the world, the annual PS5 and PS4 sports title will adopt the exact same title as its decade-old predecessor. The name was confirmed as part of the MVP Bundle, which incorporates the upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 as well as the latest Madden game.

EA Sports is keeping the lid on Madden NFL 25 for now, while it focuses on promoting its long-awaited college football game. You can check out a trailer for the latter through here, which represents the first entry in the series in a decade. Are you planning to pick up the MVP Bundle, or is that simply too much football? Toss a Hail Mary at the comments section below.


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