Wuthering Waves Confirms Second Free 5-Star Selector Ticket After Player Feedback!

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Kuro Games has basically confirmed that it will release another free 5-star selector ticket on 26th May 2024 following the release of Wuthering Waves.

Players who signed up early already have access to one free 5-star selector ticket, and now another will be coming their way shortly. This second ticket was released in response to all the negative player feedback after the buggy and seemingly rushed launch of Wuthering Waves.

In a developer post, on Bilibili they apologized for the trouble faced by players on release and promised several compensation items including another free 5-star Selector Ticket. The developers stated that “we will send a special item [Chaosheng Thank You Coupon] to all drifters via email at 10:00 (UTC+8) on May 26. After use, you can get 1 permanent 5-star character of your choice.

Not just this, but for further goodwill with players they have confirmed that this event will last a whole year up to 11:59 (UTC+8) on May 22, 2025.

It is important to note that this post was made on their Chinese social media and aimed at the players on the CN server. It is not yet confirmed that the Global Servers will also get this free 5-star selector ticket.

Wuthering Waves has had a fairly rushed launch due to how saturated and competitive the space for Gacha games has recently become. With the new Genshin Impact region on the way, ZZZ’s release coming up soon, and Honkai: Star Rail at peak numbers, Kuro Games was in a rush to solidify a player base for themselves.

However, with the state of the game at launch with stuttering issues and glitches, several players gave very negative feedback. However, Kuro Games seems to be taking note of all these issues and feedback and is rolling out fixes and compensation.

Along with the compensation freebies they also announced that “We will optimize the game content in the future, and more functions and gameplay activities are also under continuous development.” They clarified, “For example: optimizing some NPC art resources, adding layered map functions, more sound skeleton transformation gameplay… and other content are also under continuous development.

Hopefully, Wuthering Waves can overcome these launch issues and reach its full potential soon. The game is currently available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows. While you are here, check out Treasure Store’s Hostess location and secret quest, increasing your cost capacityhow to farm Lustrous Tides,  daily reset time, and today’s daily quests.

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