Weta Workshop Announces Cosy LOTR Game Set in the Shire

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The legendary film studio that brought Lord of the Rings to life, Weta Workshop, has announced a new game called Tales of the Shire over on Twitter.

Your cosy Hobbit life awaits in Tales of the Shire, a heart-warming new The Lord of the Rings™ game by Wētā Workshop and Private Division. Coming 2024. pic.twitter.com/CvDnRXyMQN

— talesoftheshire (@talesoftheshire) September 21, 2023

Tales of the Shire is an upcoming 2024 Lord of the Rings video game all about cozy, heart-warming Shire life. They’re stirring up delightful images of a Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley type of Lord of the Rings game. Thankfully, we have two quality studios behind the helm. Weta Workshop is collaborating with Private Division, the publisher of many Obsidian Entertainment games such as the critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds.

We’ve all been a tad skeptical of new Lord of the Rings content due to the disaster that was Gollum, and even the underwhelming show Rings of Power. So, here’s hoping the quality game studio at Private Division can work its magic with Weta Workshops in a display even Gandalf can be proud of.

So far, there are only two Twitter announcements from Tales of the Shire’s page, but there’s upcoming news to come on their social media.

Be sure to keep your Twinfinite tab open too, as we’ll be covering all Tales of the Shire news as soon as it hits! We’ve also got plenty of Lord of the Rings content below, so be brave, young hobbit, and journey deeper into the great unknown.

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