Warframe meets Diablo 4 in this new cyberpunk extraction shooter

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What do you get when you mix the customizable suits of Warframe, the blood and looting from Diablo 4, and a hefty dose of cyberpunk dystopia? You get Shell Runner, that’s what. In the nightmarish future it imagines, megacorporations rule over all, leaving people fighting for their lives in the gutter. It blends top-down tactical shooting in a remote-controlled bodies with the objectives of an extraction shooter to create what looks to be a frenetic and fun time.

In Shell Runner, you play as, well, a shell runner – someone who uses the titular lifelike suits to scrabble for precious loot so that you can afford to survive in the grim year of 2045. Although the cyberpunk game clearly takes influences from many big, live service titles, it also looks very Hotline Miami. The top-down perspective, fast movement, and electronic soundtrack all add to its atmosphere and make it feel like an amalgamation of many different parts.

You can choose to go solo, just you controlling your shell, or team up with other shell runners to try and survive together. As you play, you’ll gather loot you need to get to an extraction point. If your shell gets destroyed, you lose it all. There are 20 different shells you can use and customize, but once it’s destroyed, it’s gone, so be careful.

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Shell Runner is launching into early access Monday July 15, and you can wishlist it on Steam, right here.

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