Valorant Switchback Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More

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Valorant has released a new collection as part of the ongoing Episode 8 Act 2 called Switchback and it is already available in the store at a pocket-friendly price.

One main reason behind the Switchback Bundle's low cost is the compromise made on the overall design of this collection, which does not look the best or comes equipped with fancy audio and visual effects for the players to unlock.

However, the skinline does look clean and could definitely be a great pick for players who are just starting out with Valorant and need a couple of skins for multiple weapons.

Valorant Switchback Bundle: Complete Details

Valorant is always looking to release new skins and items for the players to enjoy. A lot of interesting collections have already been released for Episode 8 Act 2 and another interesting one has entered the fray.

Valorant Switchback Bundle is the fourth collection making its way to the game this season following the success of Primordium Bundle, Fortune's Hand Bundle, and Sovereign 2.0 Bundle.

These skins are entry-level and will not be packed with any kind of unique features, placing them at the lower end of the spectrum. Here is everything you need to know about this skinline which is already live on the store.

Switchback Bundle: Skins

There are a total of five skins in the Switchback Bundle including four weapon skins for Stinger, Marshal, Phantom, Classic, and an ice axe type melee - Switchback Ascender.

Unlike other collections, it will not consist of additional accessories like player cards, gun buddy, sprays, and more.

  • Switchback Classic

 Switchback Classic
 Switchback Stinger
 Switchback Phantom
 Switchback Marshal
  • Switchback Melee - Switchback Ascender

 Switchback Ascender

Switchback Bundle: Price

Switchback Bundle is a simple skinline following an Orange and White color accent that follows a stylish minimalistic design approach, looking clean, sharp, and void of all extra animations, sounds, and other effects.

Price of the Switchback Bundle is on the lowest end of the scale as it is a Select Edition weapon collection. It is available in the Valorant market for 3500 VP which is roughly about $41 USD.

  • Switchback Bundle Price: 3500 VP

  • Switchback Melee Price: 1750 VP

  • Switchback Weapon Skin Price: 875 VP

Switchback Bundle: Release Date

The Valorant market this season has already featured three collections and Switchback Bundle is the fourth one to make an appearance on 18th April 2024, Thursday.

It has been specifically released to enthrall those players who are on a tight budget but still want some good-looking skins for some of their weapons.

  • Switchback Bundle Release Date: 17th April 2024, Thursday

Switchback Bundle in design looks rather simple but it still has a great color palette and the overall design is sharp, offering a great deal to players for what it is worth.

It is not loud but still looks classy thanks to its shiny glow which gives players a feel of playing with something rather plush and cushy.

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