Upcoming ARPG sequel Titan Quest 2 takes inspiration from Diablo 3

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The APRG genre seems to be going through somewhat of a renaissance. Between games like Diablo 4, Last Epoch, New World Aeternum, and the enduring success of Path of Exile, action RPG fans have got tons to choose from. It’s all a far cry from the sparse world the original Titan Quest arrived in. With Titan Quest 2 on the horizon, it’s not a surprise to see it take inspiration from some of the other big ARPG titles out there right now.

Fans have been clamoring for a peek at how Titan Quest 2 will play and for now developer Grimlore Games is playing its cards close to its chest. That said, it has just shown off a few details about what players can expect in the action RPG sequel and there are hints of some efforts to streamline the game’s formula.

One of the big changes that may seem small but has large consequences is how the game will approach potions. In the original Titan Quest you would usually end up with your inventory being taken over by red and blue potions, chugging them in quantities every time you took damage or ran out of mana. In Titan Quest 2 you’ll instead just have one of each type which you can equip, which will operate on a cooldown, similar to how it works in Diablo 3. This cooldown can be reduced by dealing damage which incentivizes you to stay in the fight for longer. More fighting equals more healing, which is almost similar to how it works in 2016’s Doom.

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Another area that looks set for modernization is how it will approach player attributes in a system that sounds truly flexible, allowing you to create custom builds that are entirely yours. The original game had a tendency to funnel you into specific builds – though you could of course experiment if you were bold enough and had the money to buy respecs. Titan Quest 2 will let you play around with your attributes a little more, specializing in one or two different areas to ensure you can equip a greater amount of gear and have increased combat options available to you, if that’s what you want. Or you can just dump everything into one attribute and become a master of that.

There’s also more information about how gear will work, death and respawning, and a few more details – you can head over to the announcement to learn more.

Titan Quest 2 has no launch date yet but is marked as coming soon on the game’s store page. If you want to keep up to date with it, add the game to your wishlist on Steam.

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