THE FINALS Season 3: Release date and time countdown

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Season 3 of THE FINALS is almost here, bringing a new map, weapons, gadgets, and equipment all themed around feudal Japan. Here’s when you can get your hands on it, including a countdown to the patch’s release date and time.

THE FINALS Season 3 brings three new weapons, including the Recurve Bow and Dual Katanas, and the awesome-looking Kyoto 1568 map, which features ancient temples, beautiful gardens, and buildings filled with Shoji paper walls that are just begging you to shoot through.

With so much coming to the game, it’s no wonder we’re all excited to play the new patch, and here’s when you can download THE FINALS Season 3.

Players running through a garden in THE FINALS Kyoto mapGo back to feudal Japan. Image via Embark Studios

THE FINALS Season 3 release date

THE FINALS Season 3 will be released on Thursday, June 13, 2024.

THE FINALS Season 3 start time: Countdown

Unfortunately, we don’t have a confirmed start time for THE FINALS Season 3, but based on past patch releases, I expect that the update will go live at 8 am ET / 5 am PT / 1 pm BST.

We’ve set the countdown timer below to that time and will update it if we hear anything from the developer.






Everything included in THE FINALS Season 3

  • Kyoto 1568 map
  • Recurve Bow (Light build weapon)
  • Dual Katanas (Medium build weapon)
  • Spear (Heavy build weapon)
  • Thermal Bore (Light build breaching gadget)
  • Winch Claw (Heavy build specialization)
  • Ranked Terminal Attack game mode
  • World Tour events series

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