The Best Wuthering Waves team comps

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Wutheirng Waves team building is surprisngly complex, to put it bluntly. With Intro and Outro skills, there is an interesting level of tactics in something as simple as which character you are swapping to.

While the nuance of team comp is made up of a dozen different factors that would be very difficult to fully explain in a single article, I can definitely give you some great sample teams and a little information on why each one might perform so well.

The best team comps in Wuthering Waves

The first note to give is that effective team comps override my Wuthering Waves tier list. The tier list is great for a simplistic look at what kind of characters you should aim for. An S-Tier DPS, Sub-DPS, and Support are all likely to do just fine together. The fun thing about team comps is that sometimes a lower-tier character’s kit will interact incredibly well with a higher-tier character, really bringing them to life in the right team comp.

Plus, a great team comp can still get bodied by fighting the wrong team comp. Think before you engage, as there are lots of characters in the game. Buffing all of Encore’s potential damage output doesn’t help her if you are taking on a boss who is stripping away percentages of her damage with immunities.

We will, for the most part, be building teams around the idea of having and backing up a main DPS character, as everyone will have someone who fits that role, even if it is just the Rover.

The Free to Play early game

Wuthering Waves castImage via Kuro Games

If you are going with free-to-play, your early options are limited, but you can put together a great team.

  • Main DPS – Rover/Chixia
  • Sub-DPS – Yangyang
  • Support – Baizhi

Rover is solid damage in melee, or you can go with Chixia if you prefer ranged combat. Yangyang can group enemies, do decent burst damage, and even feed others energy with the right items. Then, Baizhi can offer healing in a somewhat traditional supporting role. Compared to the full roster, I actually consider Yangyang to be a support character, if I am honest, but there is flexibility to what she can do.

Calcharo Best Team Comps

Karakot calcharo wuthering wavesImage via Wuthering Waves Wiki

There are a number of different Calcharo builds you can go with to bring this guy to life. The central characters are obviously Calcharo himself and then Verina, but she will be a common theme in the support slot for a lot of team comps as she is just so strong right now. I am currently experimenting with Encore in the Sub-DPS slot despite her being a more main-DPS kit. It actually works quite well as her rotation is fast, and she can do off-field damage. I would say the best sub-DPS to go with in class is Sanhua. She can buff Calcharo’s basic attacks while also doing large nuke damage and good energy regen when she is on the field.

The other option here, depending on how your pulls go, would be something like Calcharo, with Verina or Baizhi in the support roll for healing and the Outro skill buff and then Mortefi in the sub-DPS. This works because after his ult is cast, Mortefi doesn’t need to be on-field, and Calcharo is something of a greedy on-fielder anyway.

Jiyan Best Team Comps

jiyan wuthering wavesImage via Wuthering Waves Wiki

Jiyan is the special banner pull, and if you got him already, you’ll have access to a fantastic DPS character with great single-target focus. To back him up, use Mortefi to drop his ult and then boost Jiyan’s heavy damage with his Outro skill, and of course you have Verina for huge burst on quick trades, buffs with her Outro, and healing when needed. For alternate characters, consider Sanhua for the sub-DPS role and Baizhi for the heals and support.

Encore Best Team Comps

anke encore in wuthering wavesImage via Wuthering Waves Wiki

Encore is a fun character and a solid main DPS if you have yet to get either Calcharo or Jiyan. There is not tremendous complexity to this build, as we are just looking to back up a character that is not best-in-slot with two best-in-slot options. Sanhua is, by far, the best sub-DPS in the game and the most versatile. Verina is the same when it comes to support. You can also instantly slot in any other strong DPS that comes your way in the future with minimal investment, as they can back up anyone.

Lingyang Best Team Comps

lingyang wuthering wavesImage via Wuthering Waves Wiki

While poor Lingyang feels like he is going to get neglected as a main DPS, there are no doubt some folks out there who just like his kit and want to play as him or will need him as a third-string character for Tower runs. As so much of his damage is tied up in his Resonance Liberation, you will want to pair him with Yangyang to ensure he can use it often. After that, Baizhi and Verina are perfect supports to back him up and boost overall damage.

Very Important Team Building Notes

There are some really important things to keep in mind when building a team. First, characters rise and fall in the meta all the time, based on buffs and nerfs and new weapons and Encores that will be introduced into the game. Second, the best team comp will still be bad if it is PLAYED poorly. If you are new to the game, you will need to spend some time learning about Intro and Outro skills, what weapons buff and when, the right rotations to use for different character comps, and more.

It is not just about having a character on the field, using their skills sometimes, and changing on a whim. Knowing what you want to buff and when is a very important aspect of the game. There is no point in using a character to buff all damage output if you are then going to switch into a support for a spot of healing.

The final point is the most important. Articles like this are just ideas; you should not ignore the fun of experimenting with all this yourself and trying to find interesting combinations of skills and rotations that are both fun to play and effective. Theory crafting and build crafting are huge aspects of games like Wutheirng Waves, so don’t deny yourself that enjoyment. As for the characters, if you are looking for a specific 5-Star, make sure you take advantage of the selectors, and it helps to under the pity system in the game as well.

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