Talking Point: Which Has Been The Most Reliable Xbox Console For You?

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The one with the least issues

 Which Has Been The Most Reliable Xbox Console For You?

We probably should touch wood or something before saying this, but in the multiple years since the Xbox Series X and Series S launched, none of us at Pure Xbox HQ have ever encountered any major issues with them.

Sure, they're a little bit dustier than they used to be, and perhaps they're running a bit louder as a result, but otherwise we've been really happy with the reliability of these consoles. At least for me, the Xbox One is very much in the same boat - it's still running very well (aside from a slightly dodgy disc drive) 11 years since I bought it!

The Xbox 360 was a different matter for a lot of early adopters, of course — it's been a long time, but the Red Ring of Death still haunts our dreams — but if you take that away, reliability seems to have been a strong point for Xbox overall.

Everyone has a different story to share when it comes to this however, so we're really interested to know which has been the most reliable Xbox console in your experience. Did you manage to avoid the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death back in the day? Perhaps the Series X or Series S has been your least reliable Xbox so far? Tell us below!

Which Has Been The Most Reliable Xbox Console For You? (63 votes)

  1. Original Xbox2%
  2. Xbox 360 (early model)2%
  3. Xbox 360 (later model)5%
  4. Xbox One10%
  5. Xbox Series X62%
  6. Xbox Series S11%
  7. They've all been reliable for me!10%

And How About The Least Reliable? (54 votes)

  1. Original Xbox4%
  2. Xbox 360 (early model)74%
  3. Xbox 360 (later model)4%
  4. Xbox One7%
  5. Xbox Series X11%
  6. Xbox Series S  0%
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