Stray Cat Falling is a much lower-density take on the suika game

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Drop some blobby cats onto each other to make matches

Stray Cat Falling is a much lower-density take on the suika game
  • Stray Cat Falling is a new suika game out for now Android and iOS
  • It features physics-driven, blob-like cats and object-strewn levels
  • Suikas-style games were driven to popularity by the recent release of the game of the same name

Whether it's MMORPGs, shooters, RPGs or strategy games, the humble cat somehow worms its way into all of them. But if you're looking to see where these feline companions pop up next, you may be surprised to see these amorphous blobs of fur dropping down into a puzzle jar with today's game, Stray Cat Falling.

While far from the first to use the general format, Suika Game is arguably the title that codified it. Put simply it's something akin to Tetris or a match3 puzzle game. Your objective is to drop objects of a similar colour onto each other, causing them to combine and form larger (and thus more valuable) objects.

By creating cascades you're able to gain the most points with the minimum of effort, all while preventing your objects from overflowing.


But Stray Cats Falling does go the extra step that most clones of Suika Game don't, by actually improving on and changing up the game's formula. For one, there's the fact you're dropping cats, but more importantly, physics is a greater consideration as every level has additional obstacles that your amorphous, physics-based cats are prone to catching on.


Stray Cat Falling recently came to our attention and was an instant hit with the team from the concept alone. However, as far as we know it's currently only available in its native Japan and the US. So if you do want to give it a try just keep that in mind.

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