Stellar Blade Dev Teases News Set for Next Week

4 weeks ago 56

Merch, game update, or DLC?

Stellar Blade PS5

Stellar Blade developer Shift Up has teased some sort of update or piece of news it will be revealing next week with the simple tweet reading: "Get ready for next week." In the background is what looks like a statue, so the tease may well be related to merchandise rather than in-game content. Still, the team has gone on record stating it has title updates in the works, one of which is a boss rush mode — and, without spoiling anything, the enemy in the picture is indeed a boss.

Should the news relate to new in-game content, the aforementioned boss rush mode seems like a likely candidate, and new Outfits will always be appreciated by the fanbase. There's also a crossover with Shift Up's previous game NIKKE: Goddess of Victory confirmed to be in production, which the update could relate to.

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