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Slay the Princess may have snuck under the radar a bit when it launched last year, but it was still one of the best games of 2023. In fact, it ended up as the fifth highest-rated game for PC on Metacritic in 2023--earning a stellar 90 Metascore. The digital game is getting a second life in 2024 with the physical release of Slay the Princess: The Pristine Cut on September 26. So if you haven't yet played through the horrific visual novel, this is a great time to dive in. If you're interested in checking out the critically acclaimed title, preorders are now open.

Along with the base game, The Pristine Cut includes heaps of new content. And anyone looking for some physical goodies will want to check out the collector's edition, which features a 7-inch statue along with heaps of other collectibles.

Preorder Slay the Princess: The Pristine Cut Standard Edition


This standard physical edition of Slay the Princess is just $45. It's available for Switch and PS5 and is available at Amazon and Best Buy. The Pristine Cut includes not just the standard game that earned rave reviews, but also three new chapters, new Princesses, and plenty of other updates. So even if you've played the original, there's plenty more to enjoy with this definitive edition. Along with the game, you'll also get interior case art, a soundtrack download card, and mirror sticker sheet.

Preorder Slay the Princess: The Pristine Cut Collector's Edition


If you want a bunch of collectible goodies with your game, take a look at the Pristine Cut Collector's Edition. Along with the game, you'll get the following extras:

  • Interior case art
  • Soundtrack download card
  • Mirror sticker sheet
  • Collector's edition box
  • 7-inch princess statue
  • Swinging arm action acrylic standee
  • Black and white optical illusion keychain
  • Metal bookmark
  • Severed arm enamel pin

The 7-inch princess statue is the highlight of the bundle, though all the other valuables ensure you're getting a lot of cool swag for your investment. We're sure this edition will be popular, so be sure to reserve one while you can.

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