Shinobi Battlegrounds codes May 2024

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Shinobi Battlegrounds is a new Roblox release for May 2024 that takes the already popular Naruto formula and merges it with the recent battlegrounds meta.

To get an immediate edge over the competition, Shinobi Battlegrounds codes are what you’ll want to use.  They’re good for free Ryo you can use on KG spins and rerolls.

All working Shinobi Battlegrounds codes

  • 3kLIKES! – 1,000 Ryo (new)
  • RELEASE! – 2,500 Ryo (new)

How to use codes in Shinobi Battlegrounds

Redeeming Shinobi Battlegrounds codes.Enter a Shinobi Battlegrounds code into the box on the spins menu to gain Ryo.

The method to redeem Shinobi Battlegrounds codes is a little different to other Roblox games. Just follow these steps:

  • Launch Shinobi Battlegrounds.
  • Click the KG Spins menu option.
  • Click the treasure chest.
  • Enter a working Shinobi Battlegrounds code in the bottom-left box.
  • Click Redeem.

If your code worked, you should see your Ryo count in the bottom right increase. Text at the top of the screen will let you know if the code was successful, has expired, has already been used, and what was received from it.

How to get more Shinobi Battlegrounds codes

If you’re eager to get new codes as soon as possible, check out the game’s socials. There’s the SB Discord for chatting with players and the developers, the SB Twitter account, and even a YouTube channel.

Like the game and follow the socials to boost the kinds of numbers Roblox developers tend to reward with new codes.

What is KG in Shinobi Battlegrounds?

KG is just short for Kekkei Genkai. These are the equippables earned through KG spins. Each spin costs 50 Ryo.

Each roll replaces the last KG you won, mimicking the mechanics of something like Anime RNG Battlegrounds. Roll 100 times to hit pity and gain super luck on the next rolls.

Here are the rarities for the Shinobi Battlegrounds KG:

  • Common (76%)
    • Lava
    • Wood
    • Sand
  • Uncommon (18%)
    • Nari
  • Rare (6%)
    • Sage Wood
  • Epic (3%)
    • Joshin
    • Black Lightning
  • Legendary (1%)
    • Rengoku
    • Byaki
    • Yellow Flash
  • Mythic (0.1%)
    • Tobi
    • Madera
    • Shizui
    • Itaki

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