See the Azur Lane Formidable Nendoroid and Cheshire and Owari Figures

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Three Azur Lane figures showed up at Smile Fest 2024, with one being a Formidable Nendoroid and the others being Cheshire and Owari scale figures. All of them are at various stages of development, and there are no release windows for any of them.

The Azur Lane Formidable Nendoroid is the furthest along of the latest reveals. She appeared as a painted prototype at the event. She’s wearing her standard costume for this figure, and her twin tails are held back by their typical frilly ribbons. As she showed up as a painted prototype, this could suggest pre-orders for her will appear in the next few weeks and she’ll launch in 2025.

Meanwhile, the Cheshire and Owari Azur Lane scale figures were all at the unpainted prototype stage. In the case of Owari, she was depicted both with and without her coat. Her facial expressions are different for each variant as well.

We’ve seen Good Smile Company come up with a few Azur Lane figures and Nendoroid designs before. HMS Charybdis, Shinano, and Chen Hai showed up at Wonder Festival 2023 Shanghai. Not to mention we saw Laffey, Cheshire, New Jersey, and Unicorn Nendoroids too.

There’s no release window for the Azur Lane Formidable Nendoroid or Cheshire and Owari figures yet. However, as Formidable appeared as a painted prototype, we’ll likely see pre-orders for her in the near future. Azur Lane is available on mobile devices. The console game Azur Lane Crosswave is on the Switch, PS4, and PC. You can find the anime based on the series on Crunchyroll.

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