Remnant 2 Gets New Trailer Showing Off the Tanky Challenger Archetype

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remnant 2 challenger

Developer Gunfire Games and publisher Gearbox have released a new trailer for Remnant 2, this time around focusing on the Challenger class. The Challenger, specialising in fighting enemies at close ranges, can be checked out in the trailer below.

The main feature of the Challenger class is their Prime Perk—Dead to Rights—which lets them stay in the fight for longer despite taking damage that might otherwise be fatal. The Challenger also has the Strong Back Archetype Trait, which allows them to equip heavier armour without having to worry too much about encumbrance.

Aside from the Challenger, the studio has given us a look at two other archetypes that will be coming to Remnant 2the Handler and the Gunslinger. Each of the archetypes will focus on different areas of gameplay, with the Gunslinger focusing on ranged combat and the Handler being described as a “jack-of-all-trades” archetype.

Remnant 2 focuses on its new Archetype system in order to give players more flexibility in how they play their characters and unlock new abilities, allowing groups to sync up their unique passive abilities with a greater degree of control.

Remnant 2 is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in summer 2023.

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