Open World Racer Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown Swerves onto PS5 in September

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Final lap

Announced nearly four years ago, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is almost ready to roll out. The open world racer, developed by Kylotonn Games, will finally release 12th September 2024 for PS5.

The release date news comes alongside the above new trailer, comprising in-engine footage of the racing game in action. Set on Hong Kong island, you'll choose to side with either the Streets or the Sharps, driving clans each seeking fame and fortune with the world's most luxurious vehicles. You're free to explore the island, which is apparently a 1:1 recreation of the real place, and cruise around its varied locations.

Hopefully the game plays as good as it looks, because it's looking pretty impressive from a visual standpoint. If it can deliver some solid handling behind the wheel, this could be another great racer for PS5.

Are you excited for Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown? Will you be revving it up this September? Tell us in the comments section below.


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