ONE. for PC coming west on December 22

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Supports English, Japanese, and Chinese language options.

Shiravune will release the PC version of novamicus-developed romance visual novel ONE. via Steam and Johren day and date with its Japanese release on December 22, the publisher announced. It will support English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese language options.

In Japan, a Switch version is also due out on December 22. It is currently unknown whether it will support multiple language options.

Here is an overview of the game, via Shiravune:


ONE. is a remaster of NEXTON‘s genre-defining and highly influential romance visual novel One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e, originally released in 1998, and is currently in production to celebrate the 30th anniversary of NEXTON’s foundation.

ONE. faithfully recaptures the beloved story of the original game and brings refined character designs by the one and only Itaru Hinoue. Further refinements and improvements are also provided for modern systems, ensuring that this classic story will remain a joy to experience for years to come. ONE. is sure to bring back memories for fans of old, and to draw a new crowd of fans to one of the foundational pillars of the genre.

ONE. is planned for release December 22, 2023, on Steam & Johren in English, Chinese, and Japanese.


What tied me to this world…

1998, winter. I was just a regular student until another world was born in me. Like softly falling snow, it blanketed and began to bury my everyday life. It was only then that I realized… That there were certain things in my life that never changed. The same familiar scenery. The warmth of the one I loved, who filled me with a joy I never noticed.

Their existence tied me to this world.

It was when I first started to want these bonds, to want that special someone, that time began to pass, and sunlight caused the season to really shine.

When it did, which world was I standing in, and who was holding my hand?


  • Mizuka Nagamori
    • Birthday: September 26
    • Kohei’s childhood friend and classmate. A busybody who wakes him up every morning and can’t help but worry about him.
      If there’s anybody in my life who I should probably thank, it’s you, Nagamori. If we hadn’t met as children, I wonder where I would be now. Since the day we met, we’ve spent a lot of time together… even though you’re a meddler who gets on my nerves sometimes. But still, I have to thank you. You’ll always be my friend, right? But the words you said that day, that saved me… it’s like they’ve disappeared. I could’ve sworn you said—.
  • Rumi Nanase
    • Birthday: August 8
    • A girl who transfers into Kohei’s class. She tries her best to be ladylike, but she always messes things up. Possibly because once she sets her mind on something, she single-mindedly sticks to it. On her first day, she ended up bumping into me after turning a corner like we were in some kind of rom-com. Unlike her looks, her personality was kinda… Actually, I’m scared of what she’d do to me if I finished that thought. She always seems to put a lot of thought and effort into becoming the ideal “lady.” Maybe I should reward her enthusiasm with a copy of my manuscript? “Nanase, always chasing the feminine ideal.” Of course, “always chasing” means never quite getting there… (THWUNK!!!)
  • Akane Satomura
    • Birthday: April 21
    • Kohei’s quiet classmate who makes her thoughts known with just a few words. She’s a great cook with a major sweet tooth. It was a gloomy, rainy day when I happened to leave home a bit early and met a girl holding a pink umbrella outside. That girl happened to be Akane. Turns out she was actually in my class. I didn’t think much of that encounter at the time, but I started talking to Akane a lot after that. She kept her distance from others even though all she wanted was for someone to see through her act and get close to her. At least, that’s how it felt to me. But… it also kinda did feel like she was really trying to avoid me, sometimes…
  • Misaki Kawana
    • Birthday: June 3
    • Kohei’s senior who lost her eyesight in an accident when she was little. Despite living in a world of darkness, her personality overflows with light, always positive and sociable. She loves her school’s katsu curry special. I was chilling on the sunset-dyed roof after school when a girl I didn’t know started talking to me. Her eyes were cool, but her smile was warm. I only found out she was my senior in both age and grade later. Also, what that cool look actually meant. Noticing my sudden uncertainty about how to speak to her, she whispered downcast, “Just how you normally would to anyone else.”
  • Mayu Shiina
    • Birthday: May 15
    • A girl younger than Kohei and Mizuka who refuses to go to school. She bursts into tears whenever something doesn’t go her way. Her favorite food is hamburgers. We met her the day she lost her one and only friend. A ferret. I guess she decided we were a good enough replacement, because from then on she stuck to us like glue. However, whenever something happened, she would throw a tantrum and scream that ferret’s name. She was a pain in the butt. But since it was the first time she was reaching out and getting to know other people, I couldn’t be too mad at her. Her beloved ferret might’ve died, but that death was the first step on her road to adulthood. Right, Shiina?
  • Mio Kouzuki
    • Birthday: June 4
    • Kohei’s expressive and bubbly junior. She doesn’t speak, but always carries a sketchbook to communicate with others. She’s a member of the drama club. I met Mio in our school’s cafeteria. Since then, whenever I happened to look for her, she was right there, smiling up at me. If I had to describe her, I guess she was like a rambunctious little sister? I have no idea what caused her to always smile like that, but I somehow came to take it for granted. She always tried her best at everything—usually resulting in nothing but a new mess for the rest of us to deal with. I doubt she ever noticed, though…
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