'Nobody Wants To Die' Extended Gameplay Shows Off Impressive Unreal Engine 5 Visuals

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Coming to Xbox Series X|S this month!

Following its initial reveal back in March, publisher PLAION has partnered up with IGN to showcase a chunk of extended gameplay from Nobody Wants to Die — an upcoming UE5 cyberpunk adventure — and you can check out the 10-minute video up above.

It's looking like quite a slow-paced affair this one, but from the visuals and the overall atmosphere, we're getting big Atomic Heart vibes from this upcoming Xbox Series X|S title. We'll have to see how all of that atmosphere translates to the actual game later this month.

"Check out 10 minutes of gameplay showing off an early section as well as extended footage from the first investigation in Nobody Wants to Die, the gorgeous future-noir detective game that's being released for PC (via Steam), PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on July 17."

As you can see in that gameplay description, Nobody Wants to Die is coming around very soon indeed. The current-gen-only title, developed by new studio Critical Hit Games, will be launching for Xbox Series X and S on July 17th.

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