Worldle Clues & Answer for 7 June

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Web-based word-guessing game Wordle, created by software engineer Josh Wardle, created a ripple effect in the world and grew very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown period across the globe. Since its publication, numerous people on the internet have been sharing and celebrating their everyday victories in the game. Apart from that, Wordle has become an inspiration and has led to the creation of many similar games. While the apparent hype around these time-based games has seemingly dropped, people still spend time everyday religiously to complete the puzzles and keep their streaks alive.

One such game is Worldle, created by Twitter user teuteuf. This web-based game brings geography and a sense of direction into play and just like the classic Wordle, the puzzle resets every 24 hours. 

While playing Worldle, you will realize that it is more visual than Wordle and users are prompted to remember the world map and identify countries and territories based on their shape. The clues are also given in such a way that they tell you how far off your guess is and which direction you need to focus. 

While the game looks easy at first glance, it is no easy feat to guess countries within six clues, just by looking at the shape. Here are some clues and the actual answer for the 7th June puzzle on Worldle so that you can keep up your streak.

Worldle: How to Play

The rules for Worldle are simple and they are as follows:

  • Guess the Worldle answer in six guesses.

  • Each guess must be a valid country and territory

  • After each guess, users will have the distance, the direction, and the proximity from their guess to the target location.

Today’s Worldle Answer for 7th June

Firstly, before seeing the answer to today’s puzzle, let us give you a few hints to help you guess the answer yourself: 

  • The capital city of this country is Rabat.

  • The country’s name starts with the letter ‘M.’

  • It is situated in Northern Africa.

The answer for the 7th June Worldle is MOROCCO.

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