Valorant Gives Update About June 2023 Night Market: Next Release Date?

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Valorant has come forward to give an update about the June 2023 Night Market which is currently unavailable.

The Night Market was released as scheduled on 7th June but was taken down shortly after due to a bug.

The Night Market is one of the most sought-after features of Valorant as it offers players random skins of different tiers at significantly discounted prices for a limited time. It is based on the 'Your Shop' feature that exists in League of Legends, another competitive title by Riot Games.

Notably, the last time this feature appeared in Valorant was between 5th to 25th April. This was followed by a leak that suggested the next Night Market would be available in June. Right on cue, Riot Games announced the Night Market for June 2023 on 31st May and it went live as scheduled.

However, just hours after its release Valorant started receiving a lot of reports about players facing trouble with the Night Market and had to take it down. Since then the community is left to wander when the Night Market would return.

Here is the latest update regarding the June 2023 Night Market and by when can we expect it to be back.

Valorant gives an update on the June 2023 Night market bug situation

Many players have been eagerly waiting for the Night Market to be released by Valorant. It did initially go live on 7th June as planned but due to a bug was taken down within a few hours by the developers.

Since then four days have passed and the community has been patiently waiting to get disappointed by the June 2023 Night Market all over again.

Earlier today on 10th June, Valorant once again addressed the situation and came forward with an official statement saying that they are hoping to patch things soon and give it another shot next week, "We'll have an update by June 15 PST (Pacific Standard Time)".

The developers also mentioned that due to the bug affecting the June 2023 Night Market they might have to cancel this round, and are hoping to patch things soon.

Valorant players have voiced their opinions on the short runs of these Night Markets in the past, since this limited time store stays live for only 20 days at a time.

The June 2023 Night Market, which is the 16th edition of this store, was supposed to be live between 7th to 27th June, the fact that players are facing this downtime due to an unsolvable bug means that the short period of the store will be cut even shorter.

Published On: 10 Jun 2023, 03:20 PM

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