The King of Fighters Allstar adds XV Mai Shiranui and XV Kula Diamond in latest update

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The King of Fighters Allstar adds XV Mai Shiranui and XV Kula Diamond in latest update

Netmarble has just announced an exciting new update for the mobile fighting game, The King of Fighters Allstar. It introduces two new playable characters, battle cards for them, and a few events to gain a bunch of rewards.

The first fighter being introduced in The King of Fighters Allstar’s latest update is the super sensual, XV Mai Shiranui. She is a Red Element and Defence type character that increases the attack and burn damage done by extreme fighters. Mai’s special skill grants the Kunoichi of Fire effect that raises her attack, critical hit hate, critical damage, and active skill damage.

Next is XV Kula Diamond, another Defence type with the Purple Element. Her leader skill boosts attack by a certain rate while her special skill ensures that Kula is immune to stun, freeze, and darkness. Landing skills on enemies in the Brr state will freeze them and reduce defence by 100%. Further, she can also create a critical hit shield that temporarily absorbs damage.


Additionally, the update will feature three in-game events that players can participate in. Here’s a look at all of them:

  • Team Relay Dungeon – Players can take on Alexandrite, which has two different elements, using two different teams of three players each. After hitting a damage threshold, rewards like Common EX Memory for awakening Extreme Fighters will be unlocked
  • Rush Dungeon: Mai Love Parade – Multiple levels await players, offering event coins that can be used to obtain items like cards
  • Spring Celebration Puzzle Event – Trying out the various modes in KOF will be quite rewarding, granting puzzle pieces. After completing the entire puzzle, a special decorative item will be unlocked for the room

Don’t forget to get your hands on the new battle cards for the new characters as well. they increase attack speed and critical damage for a short time.

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