Street Fighter 6 streamer defeats opponents while on a treadmill

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An impressive sight

A Street Fighter 6 treadmill streamer has impressed fighting game enthusiasts worldwide on social media. Twitter user @thatMarcWithaC uploaded video Monday of the streamer, known as TalesofMrE, playing SF6 online while walking on a treadmill with his fight stick.

The British streamer has straps around his shoulders to keep it in place as he walks forward. What makes this even more impressive is that TalesofMrE achieved a Perfect K.O. while playing Zangief in this setup.

TalesofMrE Street Fighter 6 TreadmillScreenshot via TalesofMrE’s Twitch channel

Playing with a Street Fighter 6 treadmill setup

With almost 1,000 followers on Twitch, TalesOfMrE took his treadmill setup online in pursuit of the prestigious Diamond rank. He said he “almost tripped” during his June 5 stream but the streamer still managed to defeat his opponent, accompanied by an evil laugh. While the wire of his fight stick looks hazardously close, TalesofMrE notes that “the perspective of the camera makes it look a lot closer to [his] legs than in reality.”

What am I actually watching… #StreetFighter6

— Marc With a C (@thatMarcWithaC) June 5, 2023

TalesofMrE eventually achieved Diamond rank, one of the highest ranks you can get in Street Fighter 6, sitting just under Master. Getting a decent workout and playing a superb Street Fighter experience sounds like a lot of fun. Still, succeeding in fighting games at that level requires plenty of concentration and precision, making this feat even more impressive.

He’s a community manager

When not fighting it out online with bizarre control setups, TalesofMrE also works in the FGC as a community manager, organizing and promoting functions for NGI Events. Later this year, NGI will be hosting Revolution 20XX 3, which will have players compete in games such as Guilty Gear Strive, Skullgirls: 2nd Encore, and King of Fighters XV

Revolution 20XX 3 will run from November 17-19 in London, England.

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