Street Fighter 6 shows off its launch roster’s alt costumes

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While nobody would deny that the 18-strong roster of Street Fighter 6 is pretty damn slick-looking, everyone loves a bit of variety in the wardrobe — As such Capcom has released a new trailer showing shown off each of the World Warrior’s alternate costumes.

As you can see, returning characters receive their classic skins, from Ryu & Ken’s legendary karate Gis to Chun-Li extravagant… erm… Interpol Uniform. Cammy is sure to turn heads in her borderline obscene battle suit, while Juri gets her biker gear back, albeit missing the black undershirt. Damn, Capcom were feeling particularly thirsty with this release.

For the newcomers, Marisa has an incredible cream suit reminiscent of Like a Dragon’s Kazuma Kiryu, while Manon simply stuns in an haute couture deal fresh from the streets of Paris. “Drip”, or something. Of all the characters, Dee Jay Maximum perhaps pulls the biggest switcheroo, as his classic Super Street Fighter II gear makes him look like an entirely different character! All in, everyone looks pretty rad.

How to unlock the Street Fighter 6 alt costumes

So, how do you bag these skins? Well, they can be purchased from the in-game store for 50 Fighter Coins each to 2500 Drive Tickets (this includes all color variants). They can be unlocked by playing through World Tour and maxing out your personal bond with the respective characters. Once the bond hits 100, then the character’s outfit (complete with the color variants) unlocks for use in Arcade, Vs., and other one-on-one modes.

No doubt, as Capcom is wont to do, the cast will receive a huge array of additional DLC costumes as SF6 passes through its lifespan, to be purchased via Fighter Coins and/or Drive Tickets.

Street Fighter 6 is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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