Stalwart Esports remain undefeated in PMPL SA Championship

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After matches were postponed for two weeks due to political turmoil in Pakistan, the PMPL South Asia Championship was finally hosted last week. As the curtains fell on four days of high-stakes matches, Stalwart Esports continued to reign as the undefeated kings from the region. Stalwarts had qualified for the SA Championship as the winners from PMPL South Asia. 

With this win, the Mongolian PUBG Mobile roster now holds the record of winning a Championship title 3 times in a row. Top from the team, once again, took home the MVP title along with the $1000 USD. The team bagged the lion’s share - $26,000 USD of the prize pool along with the tickets to PMWI 2023 as the most important possession.

MVP Ranking - PMPL South Asia Championship

PMPL South Asia Esports

PMPL South Asia Championship Summary and Placements

Coming in second place is another Mongolian banner, 4 Merical Vibes, who came up as the main-competitor for STE this season. Although the team recorded few of the biggest chicken dinners throughout both the stages of the competition, Stalwart came out as the better team, defeating them across various occasions in the championship. Against Stalwart’s total tally of 259 points, 4MV could muster up 209.

After a significant gap, DRS was found sitting at the third spot followed by another Nepali name - T2K at fourth. The difference in points between the top 4 is quite noteworthy. The only Pakistani team that was able to come in top 10 is Pakistan’s defending PMPL champion - Agonxi8. The results are naturally very disappointing for the Pakistani fans given that they are the only nation here that have their own PMPL.

PMPL SA Championship Grand Finals Results

Here is the overall scoreboard after the four days of the PMPL South Asia Championship Grand Finals.

 PMPL SA Championship Grand Finals

PMPL South Asia Esports

 PMPL SA Championship Grand Finals

PMPL South Asia Esports

Stalwarts Esports are now the only South Asian team who have directly qualified for the PMWI 2023 main event which features a whopping prize pool of $ 3 million USD. The team did incredibly well in the last PMWI as well where they finished in third place, bagging $185,000 in prize money. But a stature like Stalwart demands to be credited with a global title, which is still missing from the team’s shiny belt of achievements. Fans can also vote for another South Asia team who will be given a chance to appear at the All-Stars stage of PMWI 2022. Refer to this article for more on the voting process. 

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