Shadows of the Damned Remastered coming from Grasshopper Manufacture

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The Big Boner is getting polished up

Just before Devolver’s Summer Game Fest 2023 stream, Grasshopper Manufacture has given a tease of a remastered version of its 2011 cult classic, Shadows of the Damned.

Uh… the teaser is bizarre, to say the least, but it eventually shows off the goods with a few quick scenes from Shadows of the Damned. It looks to be a remaster in the strictest sense, as those shots certainly smell of the Unreal 3 Engine.

Beyond that, there isn’t much to see, but more is promised for June 14 at 21:00 PST.

I’m curious to see if Suda51 and Shinji Mikami will be doing anything in terms of “director’s cut” content. Its development was reportedly wrought with corporate interference from EA. But then, I’m not sure if EA is even going to be involved here.

I suppose a straight port to new hardware would be something worthwhile. I wasn’t a huge fan of Shadows of the Damned, even as a fan of Suda51. However, I would probably give it another chance with a remastered version. So, bring it on.

We’ll find out more about it on Wednesday, but for now, we just know that the Shadows of the Damned Remastered is “coming soon.”

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