Onmyoji celebrates arrival of new SP Shura Kidomaru with in-game events and more

8 months ago 63
NetEase Games is welcoming SP Shura Kidomaru into the fray within Onmyoji's Heian-Kyo, letting players experience an exhilarating fresh summoning event in the turn-based fantasy strategy game. The new Shikigami (whose background story is revealed in the clip below) will have a special rate-up chance to be pulled from the gacha until April 2nd - in particular, there will be a 2.5% boost in your chances to nab an SP/SSR Shikigami. Additionally, the SP Shura Kidomaru Summoning Event within Onmyoji will offer stage rewards as well, where Skill Daruma, Mystery Amulets, Skin Tokens, Jades and so much more will be up for grabs. Meanwhile, the "Hunting Show"event will give away Oshiroibaba's new skin - Sakura Bell, SSR/SP Summon Scroll, Animated Frame, Skill Daruma, Event illustration, Jade and the like for clearing quests. ... [MORE]
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