Last Labyrinth coming to Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Switch this spring

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Out today for PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, PlayStation 4, and PC.

AMATA K.K. will release escape-the-room adventure game Last Labyrinth: Lucidity Lost, the non-virtual reality version of Last Labyrinth, for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Switch digitally this spring, the developer announced.

Last Labyrinth launched for PlayStation 5 with PlayStation VR2 support today. The existing PlayStation VR and PC (Steam) versions were also updated to support non-virtual reality play through Last Labyrinth: Lucidity Lost.

Here are the latest details:

Last Labyrinth is Now Available on PlayStation 5 / PlayStation VR2

Virtual reality escape-the-room adventure game Last Labyrinth is Amata’s first virtual reality Game, which was released on various virtual reality platforms in November 2019, garnering various awards and attention thanks to excellent gameplay. Today we launched the PlayStation 5 / PlayStation VR2 version of Last Labyrinth.

The PlayStation VR2 version of Last Labyrinth retains the original game elements, including the popular communication feature with virtual characters, while improving the memorable game experience using haptic feedback on the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller, vibrations on the headset, and other unique features of the PlayStation VR2.

On top of that, Last Labyrinth: Lucidity Lost was added as a mode to play on the PlayStation 5 by itself so that players who do not have the PlayStation VR2 can experience Last Labyrinth. When you launch the game, you can choose to play either the virtual reality mode of Last Labyrinth or the monitor mode “L4.” Since the save data and trophies are shared between the modes, it is possible to start playing the game on the monitor mode L4, switch to the virtual reality mode and continue playing.

Monitor Mode Added to the PlayStation VR and SteamVR Versions

Today, the major update adding the monitor mode L4 has been applied to the already available PlayStation VR and SteamVR versions of the game.

This update allows players without a virtual reality headset to experience the world of Last Labyrinth on a PlayStation 4 or PC.

Further details, such as the exact release dates for the Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Switch versions, will be announced at a later date.

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