Justice Mobile, the martial arts MMORPG, is coming to mobile in late June

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Justice Mobile, the martial arts MMORPG, is coming to mobile in late June

During today's NetEase Connect 2023 showcase, it was announced that Justice Mobile will arrive for iOS and Android on June 30th. It's a mobile adaptation of the MMORPG of the same name, and this new adaption will retain most of the systems and functions as its PC counterpart, specifically referencing the ability to fly using the lightness skill and make friends with NPCs.

Developer Ting Yu stated that the game aims to break free of the usual clichés found in other MMOs. Part of the way the team is trying to do this is through AI-powered NPCs. Through this, players can continue speaking with these characters long after they would be able to in other games.

It's not just conversations this will impact, though. According to NetEase, AI could create an infinite number of missions for players to complete. Although, I'm interested to see how that turns out, since the sceptical side of me wonders how quickly those missions would start to feel repetitive.

Outside of the talk of AI, which seems impossible to escape at the moment, NetEase also showed a trailer that provided us with a taste of what to expect from the game. There were a variety of beautiful vistas ranging from snow-covered forests to quaint lakeside villages.

It also gave a glimpse of characters we can expect to see, alongside a tease of the abilities each possesses. Justice Mobile is described as a martial arts adventure, so there's plenty of that on display alongside more magical skills. One character is shown attacking another with what I can only assume is lethal and giant flower petals. Elsewhere, others utilise the elements by infusing them with their swords before flying into battle.

Justice Mobile will arrive on the App Store and Google Play on June 30th.

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