How to Make Hardened Leather in Conan Exiles

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Conan Exiles is a survival game developed by Funcom where players must survive in the land of Conan the Barbarian. In this game, players create in sandbox mode and face off against enemies in combat. 

Crafting materials are a big aspect of Conan Exiles. While some ingredients can be procured, most materials require a specific crafting station and the correct crafting recipe in order to be successfully carried out. 

Hardened Leather is a difficult material to create, and it is especially valuable in Conan Exiles due to its multi-fold uses. You’ll need to procure all materials from scratch, right from killing an animal to collecting the hide. Figuring out how to make Hardened Leather can be tricky on your own, so we’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to accomplish crafting this.

How to Make Hardened Leather – Procuring Raw Materials

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You cannot craft Hardened Leather in Conan Exiles without owning the Improved Armorer’s Bench, and you can craft this with 150 Bricks and 50 Steel Bars. While it is expensive to craft the Improved Armorer’s Bench, it provides much faster-crafting speed than the original Armorer’s Bench. 

Now it’s time to procure the raw materials for Hardened Leather. You’ll need to know the crafting recipe in order to do this. Here’s the recipe for Hardened Leather:

  • Leather (5)
  • Thick Leather (2)
  • Alchemical Base (2)
  • Oil (5)


Procuring Leather is a straightforward process, and you will need multiple items of Hide and an Improved Tannery. You can obtain hide from killing multiple animals in Conan Exiles and store it with you for later. Now you can turn the Hide into Leather using the Improved Tannery station. 

Thick Leather

Thick Leather can be created from Thick Hide from different animals. While normal Leather is made from Cattle Hide, Thick Leather is procured from elephants, bears, and rhino hide. 

Similar to Leather, you can produce Thick Leather by using the Improved Tannery station to turn your Hide into Thick Leather. 

Alchemical Base

In order to make an Alchemical Base, you’ll need an Improved Firebowl Cauldron station. 

Here is the recipe for crafting Alchemical Base: 

  • Silver Dust (2)
  • Gold Dust
  • Ichor

You’ll need to have Gold Bars and Silver Bars to create Dust, and these are generally found in Treasure Chests underwater or in Ruin Caves. First, you’ll have to create a Coin mold with 15 Iron Bars. The Coin Mold will allow you to melt down the Gold Bars and Silver Bars down and set them into coins. 

Now, set up a Grinder station. You can grind your gold and silver coins to get Gold and Silver Dust, respectively. Ichor is a trickier substance that you’ll need to have stores of. You can collect Ichor from arthropods, and the easiest way is by killing spiders and scorpions in the game.


Oil can be created from a Fluid Press station. The easiest substance to make oil from is fish. You can catch fish in nearby water bodies and ponds and then add them to the Fluid Press to get oil. 

Now you have all the materials you need to create Hardened Leather. Simply add the Leather, Thick Leather, Alchemical Base, and Oil into the Improved Armorer’s Bench, and you will have crafted Hardened Leather. 

Hardened Leather is extremely important for creating armor in the game, and having good armor significantly increases your chances of survival during combat. 

Hardened Leather Uses in Conan Exiles

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Now that you’ve gone to the trouble of making Hardened Leather in Conan Exiles, it’s time to put the substance to good use. Hardened Leather is one of the choicest materials for Leather since it’s supple and yet strong enough that foes can’t penetrate through it. It won’t provide complete protection in combat but will definitely take you a long way.

All armor, including gauntlets, boots, chest pieces, gaskets, are all made with a combination of Hardened Leather, Perfected Medium Padding, and an Iron bar or Steel bar. 

Perfected Medium Padding can be made with Thick Hide, Hardened Leather, and Twine. Like Hardened Leather, Perfected Medium Padding is one of the core materials used in most armor pieces. 

How to Combat in Conan Exiles without Armor – Beginner Tips

It’s important to note that while Hardened Leather can be crafted multiple times to craft armor: this may not be the best course of action for beginners playing Conan Exiles. Many crafting stations, such as the Tannery, Fluid Press, and Armorer’s Bench, are only unlocked as the player levels up. 

This means that even if a beginner tries to collect all the raw materials, they may not be at a level high enough to unlock the workstations. Without the workstations, many of the ingredients are impossible to make (for example, there’s no way to create an Alchemical base if you have not unlocked the Firebowl Cauldron Station, even if you have the gold, silver, and Ichor). 

Conan Exiles players suggest focusing on other aspects of the game and procuring materials on the side as you level up. It’s a better strategy to collect and craft weapons as you improve on combat rather than wait till you’ve made enough armor. 

If you’re trying to kill large animals for their hide in Conan Exiles, you may not be able to without sufficient armor. A great way to go about this is to build a mini-fortress with sandstone blocks. This can provide a barricade for larger animals to attack you and make it easier to kill them.

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