How Long Does It Take to Complete Street Fighter 6 World Tour?

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Street Fighter 6 includes different modes to play which include the World Tour, Fighting Ground and the Battle Hub. The Street Fighter 6 World Tour is a single-player story mode more in the vein of an RPG where you adventure through an open-ended Metro City and travel across the globe. You also get to create your own avatar, decide their move set, complete in-game missions, spar with masters and unlock some cool rewards like Outfit 2. There are a number of masters to get through and a lot of content to uncover, so completing the World Tour section of the game can take a while. 

How long does it take to complete Street Fighter 6 World Tour 

Street Fighter 6 World Tour has a total of 47 missions that span 15 chapters. The story mode lets you start in Metro City and go around the world, gaining experience fighting to level up your basic stats such as vitality, punch and kick strength, and put points in your skill tree. In your quest to complete the World Tour you’ll also head to the recently formed Nayshall, Mexico, Italy,  Brazil, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, France, Russia and Japan. 

Getting through the main missions can take you anywhere between 16 to 18 hours. However, if you want to complete all of it, you will take anywhere from 20 to 30 hours of playtime, this is assuming you want to complete all the side quests as well as the main missions and uncover everything the Street Fighter 6 World Tour has to offer. Main missions can be identified by the red crown around them. For fans of Final Fight, a Beat 'em up series developed by Capcom set in the same universe, there is a bit of an Easter egg at the end of the story of World Tour, so keep a lookout for that. Here are all the masters you’ll need to enroll with to complete the whole of the World Tour.

  • Blanka - Ranger's Hut, Brazil

  • Cammy - King's Street London, United Kingdom

  • Chun-Li - Chinatown, Metro City

  • Dee Jay - Bather's Beach, Jamaica

  • Dhalsim -  Dhalsimer Temple, India

  • E. Honda - Chinko House Edomon, Metro City

  • Guile - Carrier Byron Taylor, United States

  • Jamie -  Chinatown, Metro City

  • JP - Mount Vashal, Nayshall

  • Juri - East Alley, Nayshall

  • Ken - Construction site, Metro City

  • Kimberly - Police Station, Metro City

  • Lily - Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico

  • Luke - Training Center, Metro City

  • Manon -  Fête Foraine, France

  • Marisa - Colisseo, Italy

  • Ryu - Genbu Temple, Japan

  • Zangief - Barmaley Steelworks, Russia

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