Grab This All-Black Destiny 2 Armor Shader While You Can

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Customization plays a big role in Destiny 2, but for any player looking to dress their Guardian in goth colors, the options have been very slim over the years. Shaders, which can be used to individually customize armor pieces with a range of colors and textures, but have seldom featured a splash of black that would make My Chemical Romance fans proud. At long last, though, salvation is at hand in the fashion department.

Over in the Eververse store, the Erebos Glance shader will set you back a mere 300 Bright Dust and can easily be earned from one of the many available seasonal challenges. While it looks like a mix of matte black, royal purple, and ivory colors, Erobos Glance does dress your Guardian out in mostly black colors. While it's not highlighted in the shader icon, using this color scheme will result in some of your armor pieces having an orange accent, but at least it's tastefully applied and doesn't detract from the overall goth appeal of Erobos Glance.

Does it come in black?Does it come in black?

Unless you're playing as a Hunter, as the orange kneecaps on an otherwise flawless mix of obsidian-colored clothing does look like a fashion crime. If you're looking to grab this shader for yourself, open up the Eververse store tab, navigate down to the fourth icon on that page, and you'll find the cosmetic there for sale. You'll want to move quickly in securing this shader, as the Eververse store updates every week with new and returning items after the weekly reset on Tuesday.

Here's a quick look at how this shader can produce some of the hottest fashion in Destiny 2 across all Guardian classes:

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While it's not an entirely perfect solution, Erobos Glance does work better than some of the other shaders that have been introduced over the years. While these cosmetic options could strip color away from your Guardian wardrobe, they also came with odd textures and patterns that didn't do your armor any favors on the runway. Right now, Season 20 and the Lightfall expansion of Destiny 2 have introduced some great new looks for Guardians, with the Thunderhead and Unyielding Favor armor sets being standout examples.

If you managed to grab the Hardened Basilisk armor ornaments from Season of the Seraph, the shader works incredibly well with that gear as well, creating a sinister but cool effect. And after this week's tragic chapter in the Season of Defiance storyline, wearing black feels very fitting at this point in Destiny 2.

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