Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 The Dark Throne Detailed

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New information about Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 patch was revealed in the 76th Producer Live Letter with Producer Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Producer Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi. The patch will release in late May 2023 and include new main scenario quests titled The Dark Throne, a new trial featuring Golbez from FFIV, a new Unreal trial, a new dungeon , a new Variant and Criterion dungeon, and a new Pandaemonium Raid. Also coming are continuations of the Hildebrand quests and Tataru’s Grand Endeavor, Stormblood dungeon Duty support and an increased Blue Mage level cap. Various quality of life improvements are also planned.

The new scenario quests will follow on from patch 6.3’s main scenario quest series, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble. The new trial will be called The Voidcast Dais and feature Golbez, with normal and Extreme modes available. Also to be added are a new dungeon called The Aetherfont. The trial Containment Bay Z1t9 will also be available in Unreal difficutly. Anabaseios will be a new addition to the Pandaemonium raids, with a Savage difficulty added one week after launch.

Other Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 updates include a Kugane route being added to the Ocean fishing activity, a new Allagan Tomestones of Comedy currency, an increase in the number of gear sets that can be saved (up to 100) and new seasons and balance changes for PvP and Crystalline Conflict. New UI elements for Frontlines will show time and score, with rules for The Fields of Glory (Shatter) adjusted and The Borderland Ruins (Secure) becoming temporarily unavailable.

Island Sanctuaries will see additional ranks, materials, structures and construction plots. Furnishings will now be able to be placed near structures, and up to 90 furnishing slots can be unlocked through Sanctuary progress. Gardens and Striking Dummies will not be supported, however.

More Final Fantasy XIV updates are scheduled to come in the later patch 6.45. No date was announced for that update but it will include more quests in the Hildebrand and Tataru’s Grand Endeavor lines, including Splendorous Tools and further Mandeville weapons. Blue Mages will also be able to level up to 80 with new gear, spells, and more enemies for the Masked Carnival.

A second Variant and Criterion dungeon named Mount Rokkon will also become available in 6.45. Mount Rokkon will be available in Variant, Criterion and Criterion (Savage) difficulties. Completion of the previous Variant and Criterion dungeon, the Sild’dihn Subterrane, will not be a requirement for the new one.

You can check the gallery below for some of the major slides from the Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Live Letter:

And here are some of the many screenshots:

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Patch 6.4 is scheduled for late May 2023 with Patch 6.45 coming some time after.

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