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We've all heard the legend of Robin Hood, the medieval hero who stole from the wealthy and gave back to the poor. Now imagine a modern-day Robin Hood, stealing from all the filthy rich corporations that rule the world with their monopolies. In all honesty, we don't think one person could get the job done. To pull off those heists, you'd need a whole crew of Robin Hoods. Well, that is exactly the premise of Haven Studios' new IP, Fairgame$.

Unveiled during the 2023 May PlayStation Showcase, Fairgame$ is a new original take on the heist genre. Rather than stealing for your own good, as in heist games like the Payday series, you're stealing for the greater good this time around. That may be a new concept for some of us, so what exactly does it entail? If you're curious to find out then read on, because here's everything we know about Haven Studios' new IP, Fairgame$.

What is Fairgame$?


Fairgame$ is a new IP being developed by Haven Studios. “In a nutshell, this is a thrilling competitive heist game where you join an underground movement to rob the ultra-rich and rebalance the scales.” says Haven Studios Creative Director, Mathieu Leduc. As a modern-day Robin Hood, you get to break the rules, “Trespass inside forbidden locations around the world, fill your pockets like a kid in a candy store and unravel the nefarious plans of untouchable billionaires.”

However, there is a competitive twist to Fairgame$'s heist gameplay. It appears that teams of heisters will compete to rob the 1% of all their wealth. As a result, it's a PvPvE experience in which you'll be dealing with other heisters vying for the same riches, as well as NPCs who are standing in your way.



Since the game is so early in development, we don't know much about the story or how it will work. However, we can speculate on a few things. Leduc mentions in his interview with PlayStation, “We want to deliver a fresh multiplayer experience that rewards creativity and mastery and delivers surprising stories each and every time you play.” With that in mind, we'd imagine that there is a string of heists you can play. Each one with its own story surrounding the corporation you're robbing.

All of the heists could be interconnected in some fashion, for an overarching story. However, it's hard to say considering it's a multiplayer experience where you will be dealing with other heisters. On the other hand, the story could be flipped to focus on the “underground movement” that is launching these heists. Or they could be both tied together. Although we can't say for sure, we'd imagine there is some sort of narrative twist tied to each heist.



At the same time, not much news had been shed on the gameplay side of things. We do know that Fairgame$ will be a PvPvE experience. From the CGI gameplay trailer, we can see two groups of heisters using a multitude of gadgets to get the job done. From a grappling hook, weapon shields, and smoke grenades. Furthermore, we can see a few weapons featured, including those that interact with the environment and other silenced weapons that you'll need when the heists go awry.

The heist gameplay appears to consist of breaking into the corporation building, finding a way up to the loot, and hoping to escape with your spoils without encountering any other heisters along the way – although it's almost a guarantee you will. In any case, the missions will be tense from start to finish. Furthermore, it appears to reward careful planning, tactics, and coordination among your team to get the job done. Regardless, we're looking forward to dealing with NPCs, fighting off other heisters, and everything else that comes with being a modern-day Robin Hood.


Fairgame$ is being developed by Haven Studios. A newer video game studio founded back in 2021 by renowned video game creator Jade Raymond. He's most well-known for his contributions to the Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs franchises. Once news of Raymond's new studio spilled, Sony was quick to purchase the studio, showing keen interest in their new original IP Fairgame$. In fact, this is the first title released by the studio. Nonetheless, after a flashy debut at the 2023 May PlayStation Showcase, the studio has amassed a fair amount of hype; all that remains is for them to deliver on it.


Fairgame$ - CGI Reveal Trailer | PS5 & PC Games

Fairgame$ was unveiled through a CGI reveal trailer during the 2023 May PlayStation Showcase. Although this isn't actual gameplay footage, it doe's give us good insight into what we can expect when Fairgame$ relases. Speaking of…

Release Date, Platforms, Editions

Since the news of the game is so fresh, Fairgame$ doesn't have a release date yet. However, we do know that the game will release on PC and PlayStation 5, but not Xbox. After all, Haven is a Sony-owned studio, so it stands to reason that the game will not be released on Xbox. Furthermore, no editions of the game have been confirmed. However, once an official release date is announced, we expect pre-orders and discussions about special editions to begin.

In any case, stay tuned to Gaming.net as we'll be covering all the latest updates and developments on Fairgame$ when it sheds. In the meantime, make sure to read up on everything we know about the other titles revealed at the 2023 May PlayStation Showcase.

So, what's your take? Are you a fan of heist-style games? Are you looking forward to Haven Studios' new IP Fairgame$? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!
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