Diablo 4 reveals a new launch "race event" and some players are not happy

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"This gives an extreme unfair advantage."

Blizzard has revealed a new "race event" to commemorate the first 1000 players to hit Diablo 4's Level 100 cap.

"Think you can cheat death?" the developer teased. "Reach level 100 on hardcore mode and tweet #Diablo4Hardcore with proof to have your username immortalised on a statue of Lilith.

"Offer limited to the first 1000. Get started 1st June."

Here's the Diablo 4 story launch trailer.

The challenge has not gone down well with all players, however. Some on the Diablo 4 subreddit have raised objections to the "unfair advantage" those with early access to the game – such as reviewers and content creators – will have given they have already familiarised themselves with the game's systems and combat.

Blizzard GM Rod Fergusson countered this by reminding the community that as of Friday, everyone with early access had their characters and progress deleted, but some state that this doesn't go far enough, and have called for anyone who's played the game early to be prohibited from participating in the competition.

How does deleting all their progress and making them start at the same time as everyone else give them an unfair advantage?

— Rod Fergusson (@RodFergusson) May 26, 2023

"Can we talk about those same creators competing in the 'race' event you guys announced? This gives an extreme unfair advantage," challenged one player.

"A player who already know[s] everything about bosses, acts, and how to gear and level will have an advantage over player who never done it. Exactly the same way someone who trained for a marathon months in advance would win a race against someone who just heard about it."

As yet, Blizzard has not formally responded to the complaints nor revised the eligibility requirements for its Harcore race event.

Blizzard recently explained why it took the decision not to extend the Diablo 4 campaign story with its post-launch seasons.

Blizzard also recently revealed its plans for Diablo 4 post-launch, detailing its approach to seasons, battle passes, and the shop. The developer revealed Diablo 4 will get a new season each quarter, and each will add questlines, battle passes, new legendary items, class balance changes and other tweaks.

Season 1 begins in mid to late July (Diablo 4 launches early June) and to access it, you have to complete the campaign. To work through the season's battle pass you need to complete chapters that are comprised of objectives. Completing all the objectives in a chapter gets you seasonal rewards, such as crafting materials and legendary aspects for your Codex of Power.

Blizzard is also celebrating Blizzard is celebrating one whole year of Diablo Immortal with a Diablo 4-themed crossover.

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