Cat vs. Ball lets you attack a mysterious ball using kung fu moves, out now on iOS and Android

8 months ago 69
In case you missed it, Shaggy Mane Studios has officially released Cat vs. Ball, the studio's first mobile game that's all about - as you've probably guessed - a cat versus a ball. The casual game tasks you with unleashing your wrath on an unwitting ball as Lenny, a so-called kung fu master and a "kitty with bags of attitude." In the aptly titled Cat vs. Ball, all you'll really have to do is tap to hit the ball from side to side to nab that high score. Despite its refreshingly casual nature, the game does have a bit of backstory to it, and I quote, "One day, when a mysterious ball on a stick drops from the sky, Lenny's cat-like instincts kick in and he can't help but investigate." ... [MORE]
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