Backbone launches new Backbone One - PlayStation Edition for Android controller

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Today, Backbone has announced the launch of its newest controller – the Backbone One - PlayStation Edition for Android. Alongside being quite a mouthful to say, the latest addition to the company's collection of peripherals was designed in collaboration with PlayStation.

It's not hard to see that, either. It sports the same white as the DualShock 5 alongside the translucent d-pad and face buttons, which include the triangle, cross, circle and square icons. Aside from its looks, the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is also uniquely recognised by the PS Remote Play App as a DualSense.

In the United States, The Backbone One - PlayStation Edition is available at Best Buy, Target and Amazon. It's also available in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. Beyond that, Backbone also plans to bring the controller to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore soon.


Alongside the launch of this controller, Backbone has also released the Backbone App. It is fully customised for PlayStation, with the menu icons sporting the console's buttons. Using the app, you can find game releases generally alongside news and updates from PlayStation.

The Backbone App will list anything installed on your phone that supports controllers. That includes compatible games, like Diablo Immortal or other services like SteamLink and Nvidia GeForce Now. So if you like the idea of everything being in the same place, it's worth trying out the app.

If you're not fussed about the PlayStation decal. You can always get the regular version. It's an excellent controller for playing games on your phone, with our reviewer Jon Mundy particularly impressed with what it had to offer. Check out his review to see if it's for you.

The Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for Android is now available on the company's official website for $99.99.

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