Amnesia: The Dark Descent now supports Steam Workshop

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 The Dark Descent.

Mods ‘n’ Horrors

Any horror fans casting their minds back will fondly remember Frictional Games’ Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Released in 2010, this indie survival horror title quickly became one of the most terrifying games of its era. Now, the developer has announced that modding for it just became a lot easier through the Steam Workshop.

In a recent post on the Amnesia page, Frictional has said that in anticipation of Amnesia: The Bunker, which is due out in just a couple of days, the team decided to enable the publishing of custom mods via Steam. The studio acknowledges that modding has become a huge part of the community. Places like Nexus Mods have been a great source of new content, but now there’s a new repository to get your modifications for Dark Descent.

While survival horror has always been around, it was the first Amnesia release that really shook things up. By introducing a mechanic that makes it impossible to defend yourself, the game became a test of mettle. Along with Minecraft, it pretty much birthed the early days of the YouTube Let’s Play video, as fans would challenge themselves to see how far they could get before becoming too scared.

Since then, there have been additional entries in the series, but none could quite match the unbridled terror of the OG. There may never be anything quite like Amnesia: The Dark Descent again, but with The Bunker coming to Xbox Games Pass, there’s going to be plenty of horror fans who will be excited about the new game.

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