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Survival horror games have a special place in my heart, especially ones that pushed the genre forward. Alone in the Dark is an upcoming single player survival horror adventure game built with Unreal Engine 4 that serves as a reimagining of the original, which came out back in 1992. The debut title is often acknowledged as one of the pioneers of the survival horror genre. For those unfamiliar, Atari SA sold the rights of the franchise to THQ Nordic in 2018, who then assigned Pieces Interactive Sweden to drive this reboot of the series. The 2023 rendition of Alone in the Dark features an original plot that incorporates characters from the first three games in the franchise. Don’t worry, the haunted Derceto Manor makes a welcome return to preserve the core feeling of the experience, so there’s plenty of scares to look forward to.

Alone in the Dark Spotlight

During this closed preview event, it was revealed that actor David Harbour and actress Jodie Comer would serve as our main protagonists, Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, as both the motion and voice capture. David Harbour is most known for his works in Violent Night, Hellboy, and Stranger Things, whereas Jodie Comer is known for her roles in Killing Eve and Free Guy. On top of that, legendary Mikael Hedberg serves as the game’s director. You might know him for his previous works at Frictional Games, as he’s worked on Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA. In the music department, Arni Bergur Zoega, the sound designer, takes on a darker, and jazzy direction, with blaring saxophones to set the dreary mood.


We also got a brief look at gameplay and what we can expect during the full release. You play in the third person over-the-shoulder perspective, like in the recent Resident Evil remakes. As you progress, you expand your arsenal of weapons that range from pistols and shotguns to melee weapons. As with any survival horror game, ammunition and resources are scarce, so be mindful of how often you choose to shoot. Should you run out of bullets, you then have to rely on stealth, melee attacks, and throwable objects to proceed. Thankfully the game comes with many accessibility options that allow you to toggle how much the game assists you. Because this is a character driven story, expect to solve lots of puzzles and look for clues. The narrative follows Emily and Edward as they travel to the manor to investigate the disappearance of Jeremy Hartwood, Emily’s uncle.

Aside from an official release date announcement, a free demo was also broadcasted, and it’s available as of May 25, 2023 on PC via Steam, Xbox Series consoles, and PlayStation 5! The prologue teaser puts you in the shoes of a young girl named Grace Saunders and takes place a few weeks before the events of the actual game. Some of you might have already played it during Pax East 2023, but now it’s available for everyone to try! It’s a great taste of what the full experience has to offer and sets the scene for the narrative ahead. You’ll be exploring certain sections of Derceto Manor as you try to deliver a letter. Boy is the full game shaping up to be an absolute treat and I can’t wait until it launches. Check out the free prologue below:

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark will be released on PC via Steam, Xbox Series consoles, and PlayStation 5 on October 25, 2023. The game will be priced at $59.99 for the Standard edition. There is a Digital Deluxe edition as well, which includes a vintage horror filter pack, Derceto 1992 costume pack, digital artbook, and a director’s commentary mode. Those who pre-order the Standard edition get the Derceto 1992 costume pack included at no extra cost. For more information, follow @AITDGame on Twitter and check out

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