Mojang Is Building a Native PS5 Version of Minecraft, And It Needs Your Help

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Test it out from today

Mojang Is Building a Native PS5 Version of Minecraft, And It Needs Your Help 1Image: Push Square

Minecraft is fully playable on PS5 through backwards compatibility, but a native new-gen version is on the way – and you may be eligible to test it from today. Those of you who own the iconic indie will be able to test out a “preview” of the updated release by navigating to ‘Settings’ > ‘Preview’ within the existing PS4 version of the game. Do keep in mind, however, that this edition will only work on a PS5, for obvious reasons.

“This preview includes the new Tricky Trials Update, so you can venture into the trial chambers, meet a breeze, craft a mace, and more – all while trying out a version of Minecraft that’s designed for your console,” a blog post from Mojang explains. “As this is a preview version, we’ll need your help in hunting bugs (and we’re not talking about the silverfish spawning from trial spawners), as well as gathering any feedback.” You can find more information on how to share feedback through here.

As for why Mojang is making a native PS5 version, here’s what it had to say: “Currently, the only way to play Minecraft on a PS5 is by purchasing the PS4 version of the game. By developing a native version of Minecraft for PS5 we’ll be able to make the game run more effectively on the PS5’s hardware. So, you can lose your inventory in lava in the smoothest possible way!”

It should be noted there’ll be no Minecraft Store in this version of the game, and other features may be missing or underdeveloped. Will you be trialling this native new-gen port? Let us know in the comments section below.


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