Microsoft shows how its Copilot AI will be able to give game advice to players in real time

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Microsoft has demonstrated how its Copilot AI may soon be able to help players with games in real time.

The company’s AI service is currently available in preview form on Windows PCs in certain regions, but Microsoft is planning new functionality for it in the future.

The official X account for Microsoft Copilot gave an example of this on Monday, showing how Copilot will soon be able to talk to players while they’re playing Minecraft and give them advice on what to do.

In one demonstration, the player opens Copilot and their Minecraft window, and the AI identifies the game they’re playing.

The player asks Copilot how to make a sword, and the AI asks them to open their inventory, analyses the items they have, then tells them what they still need and where to find it.

In another demonstration, the player is being chased by zombies. Copilot recognises the zombies, tells the player what they are and gives them advice on how to escape.

In theory, this means Copilot could be used to study a player’s circumstances in a certain game and help them out, as if it was a real-time strategy guide or walkthrough.

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Sharing the demo on his own X account, Microsoft AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman wrote: “We are taking Copilot to the next level. Copilot will see, hear, speak and help in real time.

“Watch this demo to see what I mean. Soon your AI companion will start to live life alongside you, whether playing Minecraft or helping you navigate life’s most difficult challenges.”

He added: “Real personality. Effortless interactions. The ability to see what we see. I’ve long argued that AIs with EQ, IQ and AQ are coming. Here’s the first real glimpse of what’s its gonna feel like. It’s a magical experience: smart, intuitive, natural, and useful.”

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