Look At The Rock's Gnarly Elbow Injury From Latest Film

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is no stranger to pain and surgeries as the former WWE Champion has had four knee surgeries, one Achilles tear, a quad tear, an adductor tear, two disc ruptures in his lower back, and a torn abdomen wall. Johnson revealed over on his social media that he's recuperating from another recent injury and looking for advice.

"As you guys know I am filming a movie called The Smashing Machine and anytime your film is called The Smashing Machine, you're going to get smashed up," Johnson said, then pointing to the injury which looks like a sac of fluid under his elbow. "It looks like a cantaloupe at the end of my elbow. I got banged up pretty good today. There might be some soft tissue damage, but we'll see."

Functional medicine, holistic medicine, modern medicine - I’m an advocate for it all when we get banged up.
But don’t sleep on the power of the “healing Teremana hooch” 😂🥃
Sunshine & pain 🌞💪🏾
Smashing em up soulman 😉🕊️ pic.twitter.com/AIJTjjdvWs

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) June 11, 2024

The action star seemed in good spirits showing off the injury to his followers. He even joked about taking the best of kind of medicine and then reached for his Teremana tequila saying he was "feeling better already".

The film focuses on former wrestler and mixed martial artist Mark Kerr. Alongside Johnson, the film stars Emily Blunt, Lyndsey Gavin, Oleksandr Usyk, Ryan Bader, and Zoe Kosovic. Filming started last month and has an expected schedule to end in August, with a release date in December.

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